About AutoCloud

Consistent and compliant DevOps. Built by engineers for engineers.

About the company

AutoCloud is re-imagining cloud operations and visibility by creating a new industry standard for deploying, querying, and visualizing multi-cloud infrastructure.

With the acceleration of cloud migrations, the explosion of provider services, and the lack of experienced DevOps professionals, building and maintaining cloud infrastructure has become exceedingly complex and expensive.

As companies grow and expand their cloud footprints, visibility into their cloud systems decreases dramatically. Configuration mistakes occur more frequently and go unnoticed longer, causing brand-damaging data leaks, performance degradation, expensive production outages, and ballooning infrastructure costs.

This is why we built AutoCloud. To prevent this problems by empowering companies to expertly handle every step of the DevOps lifecycle in-house.

About the team

AutoCloud was made by engineers, for engineers.

We're former cloud architects and cloud consultants who wanted to make it possible for anyone technical to easily and securely build and operate workloads on any public cloud.

We know how much time, energy, and budget goes into ensuring your cloud operations run smoothly because we've been there ourselves. We want to help you put those valuable resources into your core business instead.

We're relentless about improving our platform from both a technical and UX perspective. User feedback factors into everything we do. We're always happy to hear from our users--so don't hesitate to reach out!

We're proud of our team's diversity, and seek to improve DEI in the developer tooling space more broadly. AutoCloud is woman co-founded and over 60% LatinX. Our cap table is 40% female and 40% PoC.

THE Founders

Tyson Kunovsky
chief executive officer
Chris Koning
Chief technical officer
Evelyn LaTour
Chief Product Officer
Drew Gilliam
Chief Operating Officer

backed by world-class Investors

Our commitment to open source

The engineers behind AutoCloud are also the makers of CloudGraph - the free and open source CLI tool that structures your multi-cloud data into a standardized, type-safe format, and lets you query it with GraphQL.

CloudGraph stands out from CSP APIs by letting you make deeply nested queries, query across accounts and across clouds, get back consistent data structures, and enrich your cloud data with cost, compliance, security, and relationship insights.

Check Out CloudGraph