interview with CEO Tyson Kunovsky

CEO of CloudGraph Tyson Kunovsky sits down with to talk about the GraphQL API for everything


CEO of CloudGraph Tyson Kunovsky sits down with to talk about the GraphQL API for everything.

What is CloudGraph?

For organizations that are running workloads on AWS (and soon Azure and GCP), CloudGraph creates regular snapshots of your entire footprint. This allows cloud engineers to get instant insights on security compliance, billing, and asset inventories for all their environments, not just now, at any point in time since they hooked up their account (to CloudGraph).

Unlike provider consoles, CLI tools, and other tools that you have to spend time learning and pay a lot of money for, CloudGraph makes it really simple to ask questions about any environment such as: “Is the approved three-tier web stack for AWS that we planned the same as the three-tier web stack that we actually built?” “Do we have any public S3 buckets, unencrypted EBS volumes, internet-facing load balancers?”, or maybe “How much are we paying per day for each M5 EC2 instance in US East 1 on our two AWS accounts”?

With CloudGraph, you can do all three of these things in a single query from a single API, using read only access without installing any agents or software.

Read the full interview to know more about CloudGraph.

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