What does successful cloud adoption within the enterprise look like?

AutoCloud CEO, Tyson Kunovsky was recently asked to speak at a Boston Consulting Group global conference to share his thoughts on cloud & DevOps innovation within the enterprise.

Boston Consulting Group technology innovation panel members

It was a privilege to be invited to speak in Boston last week at Boston Consulting Group's Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) global conference. I was asked to be a panel member on the “Forefront of Innovation” session alongside some other very talented founders from B Capital’s portfolio.

During the panel I focused on sharing where I believe the CloudOps space is heading over the next few years. We’re at a fascinating inflection point in the adoption and scalability of cloud services. Up until just a few years ago there were enterprises that were still largely on-premise, but today most are now employing multi-cloud and or hybrid cloud strategies.

Successful Cloud Adoption

Effective cloud adoption presents both a major challenge and a potential strategic advantage for those who get it right. On the one hand, cloud strategies are incredibly complex to scale consistently within large enterprises that have many teams and lines of business. On the other hand, those that figure out how to do this effectively will be able to rapidly deliver robust products and services, thereby innovating faster and staying ahead of their competition.

From my perspective, there are three main components to successful cloud adoption at scale: 

  1. Consistent use of Infrastructure as Code (IAC) such as Terraform
  2. The ability for any engineer to quickly and securely create the cloud workloads they need while staying aligned with their company’s cloud governance framework
  3. The visibility to manage your existing cloud workloads to ensure they stay properly configured over time, within budget, compliant, and secure.

Today, the building of a new environment is usually handled by a “Day 1” platform or an Ops team who has deep knowledge of declarative programming and the specific cloud providers they will use. Once a workload is live, the continuous operation of a cloud environment becomes the responsibility of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). While this paradigm defines nice working boundaries between teams, it often leads to a lack of ownership with execution and responsibility resting on the shoulders of a few (very busy) engineers. Over the long run, that’s not sustainable for the engineers or the business. 

How AutoCloud Drives it

At AutoCloud, we’re creating a world where responsibility for cloud governance at a company is shared by everyone who works with cloud resources. We give our customers the tools to quickly create any cloud workload in a repeatable fashion using Terraform. Our agentless monitoring system then provides the visibility for engineers to see if workloads are configured correctly, and how to fix them if they’re not.

By building software that does the hard work of creating customizable, robust Terraform code and surfacing the insights you need, we hope to blur the boundaries between DevOps and SRE. We want to make it possible for all engineers to build on the cloud without internal bottlenecks, and for companies to focus on building their core business rather than building their cloud.

Want to learn more about how AutoCloud can turn your cloud strategy into a competitive advantage? Book a chat with our team.

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