January 14, 2022
minute read

Announcing AutoPipe: Merge a pull request and get a 3D infrastructure diagram

Tyson Kunovsky
CEO & Co-founder

The AutoCloud team is excited to announce our newest feature: AutoPipe. Now, every time you merge a pull request for an infrastructure as code (IAC) repository you automatically get:

  1. An infrastructure diagram of your environment
  2. Drift detection
  3. Compliance and security reports
  4. Billing insights
  5. A GraphQL endpoint you can use to query any data in your environment

AutoPipe takes one minute to configure and currently supports GitHub, GitLab, and Jenkins pipelines for IAC repos related to AWS, Azure, and GCP.

No need to worry about wasted build minutes or long-running pipelines. AutoPipe is triggered as the last build pipeline step and takes mere seconds to complete.

Behind the scenes, AutoPipe works by making an HTTP request from your build pipeline to AutoCloud, which triggers an ingestion of your infrastructure. AutoPipe can then notifiy you and your teammates when it's done so you can go see an up-to-date visual representation of your infrastructure updates.

To use this feature, you only need an AutoCloud account and a Visual Service Discovery with at least one version. AutoPipe can be set up on your Account page under “CI/CD configuration”.

Simply click “Create New”, fill out a brief form, and then we will provide you with a configuration snippet to add as the last step in your build pipeline (after your deploy step).

Here is an example for GitHub. Add this snippet as the last step in your pipeline configuration. In GitLab, CI/CD variables can be defined by going to "Settings » CI/CD » Variables", or you can simply hardcode it.

{% c-block language="yaml" %}
 stage: autopipe
 image: autocloudiac/autopipe
 script: autopipe
{% c-block-end %}

Once your pipeline has finished and the AutoCloud scan is complete, here is what your email notification will look like.

If you opt out of email notifications, you always go to AutoCloud and view your new Visual Service Discovery version directly from the app.

To learn more, here is a link to the full documentation on AutoPipe: https://docs.autocloud.dev/setting-up-autopipe 

As mentioned, AutoPipe currently supports GitHub, GitLab, and Jenkins. If there are other providers you would like us to add please let us know! We can add them in just a few days.

AutoPipe is available to all plans (including free) so that cloud professionals never have to worry about creating documentation, CSPM, drift, or staying on top of cloud spend ever again. If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out.

Tyson Kunovsky, CEO