May 21, 2022
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Software Engineering Daily features CloudGraph

Tyson Kunovsky
CEO & Co-founder
software engineering daily interview

The advent of the cloud introduced a new form of technical debt in which organizations can lose track of what infrastructure they have and how it relates to the business.  While the cloud’s native APIs offer some transparency into your infrastructure, these offerings are often described as necessary but not sufficient. When companies have a non-trivial question about their environments, getting answers can have a big cognitive overhead to get a clear answer.

CloudGraph is a free and open source GraphQL API for AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes. CloudGraph provides a much more intuitive graphQL based interface to ask questions about your infrastructure in context of the relationships between components.

The 45 minute podcast interview with AutoCloud's CEO "Tyson Kunovsky" is available to listen to in the Software Engineering Daily website.