AutoCloud Features

Expertly handle every step of the DevOps lifecycle
by unifying Day 1 & 2 operations

Build Faster

Intelligent Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Reusable Blueprints

  • Centralizes and templatizes Terraform modules so that anyone can quickly deploy resources with best practices

  • Drastically lowers the knowledge barrier to enforcing the use of IaC organization-wide

  • Ensure that workloads comply with your specific security, compliance, and cost policies

  • Works with TFE/TFC and your current CI/CD pipelines

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

Reverse Terraform & State Tacking

  • Generate Terraform from your existing cloud resources and get to 100% IaC coverage in a matter of days.

  • Use generated Terraform to create new IaC Blueprints so you can repeatably deploy your most used patterns

  • Sync your state files to continually track what resources are codified, un-codified, or drifted so you can spot malicious or accidental changes, remove orphaned infrastructure, rightsize resources, and get costs under control.

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances
secure with precision

Cloud Connection Analyzer

  • Given any resource, will show you all other resources it can communicate with through networking or IAM, even those that are multiple degrees away

  • First of its kind, patent-pending technology

  • Triage after a security incident where you need a list of all potentially compromised resources, or prevent future incidents by identifying what resources are over-provisioned

Cloud resource network and IAM connection analyzer

Cloud Compliance Benchmarks

  • Check your environments against major compliance benchmarks such as CIS, NIST, PCI, ISO, HIPAA, and more

  • Track how your cloud security posture has changed over time

  • Get alerted when changes to your infrastructure trigger compliance issues

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram showing security and compliance violations

Cloud Asset Change Tracking & Notifications

  • AutoCloud automatically creates snapshots of your infrastructure so you can see how your environments have changed

  • Get notified when your infrastructure changes

  • Understand how infrastructure changes impact your compliance and security posture management

Cloud asset change tracking email
see Everything

Cloud Asset Inventory

  • A comprehensive list of every resource in your cloud with full configuration data

  • Search and filter resources by many parameters

  • Data is always up to date and read-only so you can be confident that everyone on your team as complete visibility - but can't make unapproved changes

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

Automated Cloud Infrastructure Diagrams

  • Understand your environments at a glance: Diagrams are integrated with full resource metadata

  • Detailed and human-readable: View connections between resources, security group membership, clusters, and other relationships

  • Interactive: Search by ARN/IDs, filter by tags and resource types, overlay compliance data, and more!

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

A single GraphQL API for all your cloud data

  • Stop the headache of using provider APIs that structure data differently

  • Your multi-cloud metadata is standardized, typed, and enriched with insights

  • AutoCloud understands relationships between services, so what used to take six separate queries now takes one
query {
queryawsEbs ( filter: { isEncrypted: false }) {
Cloud resource relationships