Build, Operate, and
Optimize Cloud Workloads

Effortlessly deploy resources that comply with your security, compliance, and governance policies, and monitor your entire cloud footprint

Terraform modules
Bring Your Own Terraform Modules
Choose the modules your teams frequently share and reuse
Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft AzureGoogle Cloud
Connect your Cloud Environments
AutoCloud scans your resource configuration data using read-only access
Day 1: Build
Generating Terraform from a live cloud resource
Reverse Terraform Existing Resources
AutoCloud uses resource configuration data to create Terraform that reflects current state
Cloud costsCloud complianceCloud security
Turn Terraform into Intelligent IaC Blueprints
Turn regular modules into reusable Blueprints with built-in cost, security, and governance guardrails
Terraform BlueprintTerraform BlueprintTerraform Blueprint
Share Your Blueprint Catalog
Allow anyone to quickly create and deploy new resources with an opinionated GitOps workflow
Cloud data being enriched with security, compliance, and cost data
Data Enhancement
Resource configuration data is enhanced with drift, cost, security, and compliance insights
Complete Cloud Visibility
Cloud compliance report
Reports & Notifications
Read-only list of cloud assets
Diagrams & Asset Inventories
Cloud resource drift detection
Change Tracking
GraphQL API for public cloud data
Day 2: Operate
Deploy Through Existing Pipelines
AutoCloud bridges the gap between
Day 1 & Day 2 operational capabilitie
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