Professional Services:
Terraform Audit

Set your business up for success with a custom audit of your current Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and cloud strategy

Do you need a Terraform Audit?

If you've started to adopt Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform, you might be realizing that despite solving major problems you previously had, it has also introduced new complexities.

Bad patterns and habits left unchecked will only snowball as your infrastructure and team grow, leading to thousands of hours of lost productivity from inefficient workflows, difficulty scaling applications, compliance failures, and frequent security incidents.
Signs that a Terraform Audit by AutoCloud could help your organization
Team members confused over HCL syntax and best practices - or are implementing different approaches
Version control, change management, and code review for IaC are either bottlenecked or uncontrolled
State management problems (state locking, remote state storage, state file corruption)
Difficulty scaling as infrastructure grows with Terraform workspaces and modularized configurations
It takes far too long to debug problems and identify root cause when infrastructure breaks
Sensitive data such as credentials, secrets, or API keys have been accidentally exposed in TF configurations
Difficulty managing configurations for different CSPs

Our Terraform audit ensures you make the most of your investment in IaC

Before you can successfully scale cloud adoption, it’s critical to first understand how well of a job you’re doing with IaC today.

An AutoCloud Terraform audit finds discrepancies between how you are adopting (or planning to adopt) IaC as part of your overall cloud strategy today, and your desired future state.

We identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks, and propose a path forward for your organization to achieve complete IaC adoption in the most efficient manner.

Get a playbook for your Terraform strategy and the tools to take you there

We perform the audit through a close examination of current standards, cloud workloads, and development processes and practices.

Our researchers also interview cloud leadership, engineering leads, and developers in order to obtain an unbiased perspective on IaC implementation processes.

We then synthesize this information into a report that provides our findings, recommendations, and actionable next steps.
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