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Derisk & Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Eliminate expertise bottlenecks that prevent your organization from using Infrastructure as Code at scale by automatically generating secure, deployment-ready Terraform and creating reusable deployment blueprints.

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Read-only cloud asset inventory
Create Terraform from an existing cloud resource
Terraform IaC blueprints
Unify Day 1 and Day 2 DevOps

Catalog & Optimize Your Resources


Eliminate Unmanaged Cloud Resources


Put a UI in front of your Terraform modules


Manage the full DevSecOps Lifecycle

Read-only asset inventories provide security, compliance, and IaC coverage insights, then help you remediate issues so the Terraform you generate is perfect from the start
Generate Terraform from existing resources in a single click, then seamlessly integrate with your current CI/CD process to save thousands of hours of work
Create forms for you Terraform modules so that any engineer can customize & create resources that conform to your cloud governance requirements
Bridge the gap between Ops, Security, and App teams with drift detection that compares resources against IaC state to ensure nothing changes without the proper workflow
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One-click reverse Terraform of entire complex infrastructure stacks

Generate secure, optimized Terraform from existing infrastructure to codify your ideal initial state.

Enable anyone to create Terraform workloads that comply with your internal security, compliance, cost, and governance policies without needing to provide console write access.
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Generate Terraform code from existing cloud resources

Create a centralized knowledge base of customizable, re-usable Terraform Blueprints

Easily turn your pre-existing modules into Terraform Blueprints that use Intelligent Infrastructure as Code. These can then be customized and deployed with a GUI in AutoCloud, so even those without Terraform expertise can deploy what they need.

Control which variables can be changed (and how), plus, Blueprints have built-in policy-as-code controls for security, compliance, and cost.
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Infrastructure as Code IAC generation

Read our white paper on Intelligent Infrastructure as Code to learn how you can realize the full potential of Terraform

Automatic change detection with integrated security and cost implications

Querying cloud infrastructure data with GraphQL and a cloud management report
Never be unpleasantly surprised by un-approved changes again.

AutoCloud has all your bases covered with both drift detection for resources managed by Terraform and change detection for your uncodified resources.

On top of all that, we include the security, compliance, and cost implications of resource changes.
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Use the same tool for Day 1 and Day 2

Cloud visibility with security and compliance reports
Current cyber security solutions treat IaC and deployed cloud workloads differently. This creates a visibility and management gap where resource drift occurs and goes unnoticed.

AutoCloud bridges this gap by ensuring that live cloud resource state is based off the initial, secure and optimized IaC state we helped you generate.
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