Create a centralized repository of best practice IaC patterns

AutoCloud makes it easy for anyone technical — regardless of IaC expertise — to quickly and securely deploy cloud workloads using Terraform patterns that you already have via our IaC Blueprints

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You or your DevOps team is probably already using IaC patterns, but they aren’t in a centralized place, easy to access, easy to use, and easy to version

Our solution

At AutoCloud we think of IaC as providing us with a set of building blocks that 
can be combined in predictable and reusable ways. There isn’t a need to reinvent the wheel after you establish your basic patterns. We call these “IaC Blueprints”.

A centralized repository for best practice IaC patterns promotes efficiency, security, and collaboration among teams, leading to more robust and consistent infrastructure deployments.

This centralized approach supports both technical and business objectives, ensuring that IT infrastructure is aligned with company goals and best practices.

If you don’t have a set of patterns, no problem! We can help you find the modules you need, connect them in the right ways, and create IaC Blueprints from scratch.

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