Assess & manage inherited or client environments

AutoCloud’s tools help tech consultancies assess and manage client or inherited environments through instant visibility into each asset’s configuration details and IaC and compliance statuses, past and present

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Did you just inherit legacy cloud environments due to an acquisition or merger?

You need to quickly understand what you’re working with, get rid of what’s not serving a purpose, and then bring everything into compliance and under management by IaC.

Our solution

This can all be done with AutoCloud’s asset inventory tooling and Reverse Terraform.

Just hook up your (or your clients’) cloud accounts via a secure read-only role and get instant visibility into all currently deployed resources with powerful search and sort functionality, superior to anything you’ll find in the provider console.

Then, select the resources that you would like to codify and manage via IaC, choose whether you’d like to include dependencies, and immediately have deployment-ready Terraform code.

Accelerate your cloud journey with AutoCloud - take control, automate, and soar.