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AutoCloud provides full visibility into your cloud assets, regardless of whether they are managed via IaC or not. We’ll guide you in your journey to 100% IaC coverage.

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Drift is when an unknown or unintended configuration change occurs to a cloud environment.

Maybe someone went into the console and accidentally changed an S3 bucket policy or deleted a security group rule. or they spun up some EC2 instances for a quick test without approval. Over time, these types of untracked, unapproved changes to your cloud can add up, both contributing significantly to wasted cloud spend, and creating some major security vulnerabilities that go unnoticed until a breach occurs.

One of Infrastructure as code’s major benefits is that is helps us both spot and reduce drift. Your state files act as your “source of truth”. They declare what the infrastructure should look like. When changes are made to real world resources outside of the CI/CD process you have set up for your IaC, you then have drift. This is incredibly common, and a major pain point for many companies we work with.

We find overall that drift is not well managed. It either goes totally undetected or must be manually discovered, which can take up hours each day of valuable engineering time.

Our solution

Instead of manually converting all of these unmanaged resources into Terraform and wasting hundreds of hours of your Ops’ team’s time (and taking months to years to complete the process), you can use AutoCloud’s Reverse Terraform feature.

Reverse Terraform reduces the amount of time you live in a “transitional” state, moving from unmanaged resources to codified ones.

Simply scan your accounts, find the resources you’d like to codify, choose whether you’d like to include dependencies, and immediately have deployment-ready Terraform code.

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