Codify existing cloud resources

Unless you were “born in the cloud”, you likely don’t have 100% of your cloud resources managed via IaC.

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Are you letting your developers deploy resources via ClickOps? Manual provisioning is a major source of pain for your Ops, Cloud, or Platform team:

There’s a period of transition to IaC that most organizations go through.

However, you don’t want to live in a transitional state for too long, where your ops team is managing some resources via IaC, others via scripts or the console, and your application teams have no idea what’s going on. This is going to create more confusion and slow your delivery process.

This transitional stage is also dangerous because there is a high likelihood of someone modifying a resource manually when its actually supposed to be managed with IaC, leading to environment drift, another major hurdle that we’ll get to in a minute.

Our solution

Instead of manually converting all of these unmanaged resources into Terraform and wasting hundreds of hours of your Ops’ team’s time (and taking months to years to complete the process), you can use AutoCloud’s Reverse Terraform feature.

Reverse Terraform reduces the amount of time you live in a “transitional” state, moving from unmanaged resources to codified ones.

Simply scan your accounts, find the resources you’d like to codify, choose whether you’d like to include dependencies, and immediately have deployment-ready Terraform code.

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