Self-service DevOps for application teams

Remove bottlenecks by amplifying the abilities of your Ops team, while abstracting away all the details your developers don’t need to worry about.

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Are you letting your developers deploy resources via ClickOps? Manual provisioning is a major source of pain for your Ops, Cloud, or Platform team:

Very error prone since there is not system of reviews, checks, and controls as with using IaC with CI/CD

Misconfigurations often arise from human error or lack of expertise

No versioning, no tracking, no ability to roll back, and no audit trail

Much more resource and time intensive since its not reusable like IaC

You can’t ensure that resources are compliant and secure before they’re deployed, you’re relying on tools to scan your infrastructure after the fact


New problems arise when you remove the ability to manually provision resources via the console:

One, Ops team and cloud architects suddenly have a lot more work on their plates because they are responsible for provisioning all the infrastructure for developers who can no longer go click to spin up stuff in the console. Ops is bogged down with constant requests, and the application team’s delivery is slowed.

And two, if anyone is writing IaC from scratch or modifying modules without the proper expertise or guardrails in place, you’re going to be dealing with a ton of misconfigurations that go unnoticed until they cause a P0 incident!

Our solution

Skill gaps will always exist. You can’t expect your entire engineering org to become proficient in the complexities of all major cloud providers (not to mention constantly stay up to date with new and changing services) as well as be proficient with Terraform.

The goal should be to strategically remove bottlenecks, not re-train all your developers. This is why we built AutoCloud’s IaC Catalog.

IaC Blueprints are made by cloud architects, Platform, or Ops team members and then used to generate secure TF code by application developers. They abstract away the nitty gritty details of Terraform behind a UI so a developer doesn’t need to become a cloud or Terraform expert to confidently and correctly provision workloads.

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